What We Do

Part of what makes Wesleyan such an attractive place to book a concert is that its entire system and infrastructure surrounding student programming is functionally autonomous from the school administration. The school administration itself has no role in contacting bands or performers to come and play for us–we do all of that ourselves. This means that any show that you book here will be planned by someone who is familiar with your band, likes your band, and is excited to share that with their entire student body.

For those of you who have dealt with us before, you know more or less how this works. A student/fan of your band here at Wesleyan will go on their favorite band’s facebook/bandcamp/soundcloud or whatever other social media platform the artist chooses to use and hunt down their North American representation. You give that student a quote for your band, as well as available dates, and that information gets taken to our student-run budgetary committee, the Wesleyan Concert Committee, who approve or deny that student’s request for funding based on the proposal that they put forth.

In order to get your band’s name on our radar if we haven’t emailed you first, you can send an email to teamauralwes@gmail.com . From there, we'll take your request and post it on our weekly "Up For Grabs" so students can field your request (if they're interested).

What We Have

As far as the production side of these concerts is concerned, we rely very heavily on Wesleyan’s student run Sound Co-Op that provide equipment and technicians to work the events that we plan. These students, while not professionals in any official sense, are all highly capable and technically proficient in dealing with the equipment that we have available.  They will be on hand to set up the equipment, provide their services for soundcheck, work the show as it is being performed, and break down the equipment when the show is over.

For the scale of the concerts that we typically plan on campus, this equipment has proven to be more than adequate for a wide range of artists and performers. However, if you absolutely require some specific equipment that you do not have yourselves, in certain cases it is possible for us to rent equipment either from a handful of local audio equipment rental services, or our own on-campus Information and Media Services (IMS). In order for us to take care of this, we need significant prior notice–obviously, the early you inform us, the better.

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