Emcee Josh Smith (formerly known as WordSmith) and his band, The Concert G's, always bring the ruckus.  In their time at Wesleyan, the band was 11 members strong, a live hip-hop juggernaut known for a soulful, hard-hitting sound and for packing nearly every venue on campus to complete capacity.  Formed at a birthday party in a Low Rise backyard in the Fall of 2008, the band has done nothing but build steam over the past few years, from their early days rocking house parties on Wash, to playing sold out benefit shows at Psi U, to even opening for world-renowned artists like Brother Ali and headlining New York City's legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe.   Wherever they play, no matter how big the stage, the band stays true to their roots.  This crew treats every show like a party where the line between stage and audience can break down at the drop of a fitted cap, and every voice locks into the call-and-response chants like a church on fire.  With a taste for massive New Orleans-worthy horn lines, neck-breaking drums, and lush harmonized vocals, The Concert G's lay it on thick as frontman Josh Smith spins fluid, intricate verses about everything from house parties and summer dresses to lost love and new family.  The group recently recorded their debut album, The Reach EP, at the Dreamland Recording Studio in Josh's hometown of Woodstock, NY.  Tracked with producer Jerry Marotta (who has worked with artists like Paul McCartney and Yeasayer), Reach is a set of loud, loving, soulful songs that the band is really proud of.  The album drops digitally on October 3rd.  Get ready.

The Concert G's are: Louis Russo, Gabe Gordon, Nate Mondschein, Jared Paul, Donovan Arthen, Will Monson, Spencer Hattendorf, Myles Potters, Emma Daniels, and Natasha Yeracaris.

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